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The perfect finishing touches to your garden

Hanging baskets are the perfect garden accessory for your outdoor space. Come and take a look at our range of baskets and plants for hanging baskets at Rosemary Nurseries in Margate.

Gardening made easy with hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a perfect solution for any size garden. They can be hung from a porch or wall very simply and immediately give a colourful burst to your outdoor space. We offer a basket filling service. Bring in your baskets and select your plants for us to fill your basket with. We will then grow them for you and phone you when they are ready.


Making sure your basket is lined correctly and using quality soil will ensure your hanging basket plants bloom successfully. They will give your garden a splash of colour, whilst being easy to maintain and look after.


Get creative

You will be spoilt for choice at the range of plants for hanging baskets we stock at Rosemary Nurseries. So get creative with bedding and trailing plants today.

Trailing plants

Some of the trailing plants we stock include:



Trailing Petunias

Million Bells

Trailing Geraniums

Sweet Pea



A quick way to add colour and flowers to your garden. Call us on

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